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My name is Pamela Rider. I reside in Jamaica New York. At present, I have a BA in Journalism, have been on the ‘Dean’s List” at York College for the past two years, and have earned a GPA of 3.5 in my field. Surprisingly, I have realized that journalism has many enjoyable facets. “Community beat reporting” is one of the many popular facets of journalism.

I’ve had the opportunity to do my internship within the realm of “community beat reporting” at the “Queens Ledger.” This task required fancy footwork, perseverance, patience, note-taking, and interviews of many types including in-person, photos, story writing, assessments, editing, insertions, non-marginalizing, displaying objective outlooks, and plenty of use of my time. I’ve enjoyed this facet of journalism, and look forward to what’s up next.

My short-term goal is to get my feet soaked and wet, take in as much knowledge and experience as humanly possible, make a decent salary, and enjoy the ride as I go along.

My middle-term goal is to have the opportunity of becoming a radio host/ personality, and an anchor-woman.

My long-term goal is to have my own personal talk show!




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1- This article made the front page in the April 20th edition of “The Leader/Observer” Newspaper. It describes the celebration of Jackie Robinson held at the King’s manor in Jamaica NY.

King Manor Hosts Celebration for Jackie Robinson

2- This article covers the story of the first black woman who was assigned to a ladder company for the FDNY.

3- This articles is about food pantries up and running to feed the community during this time of food insecurities.

4- This article describes an up and coming restaurant in Jamaica which specializes in different types of empanadas.

‘Eat Good, Live Better:’ Supreme Empanadas Opens in Jamaica



  • Deans List- file://home/chronos/u-41bbae2cada79c39f1b67f2da123a3330675cfd/MyFiles/Downloads/DeansHonors_F22_SAS_Part206.pdf
  • Janice Cline Award-
  • Mentor Collective Certificate-



   1- Walter Sanchez/ Editor-

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