Stay Diligent/ Dreams vs. Aspiration

Diligent- a steady, earnest and energetic effort: devoted and painstaking work and application to accomplish an undertaking: assiduity. 

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Never stop believing in you

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It will take you to one of my top ten positively favorite inspirational songs of this decade.

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The music alone “lifts you up…all you have to do is just believe!”

Me being me, there is just one word that I would replace in that song… and that word is “dreams.” 

Personally, I feel that the word “aspirations”  fits the content and the context of this spectacular work of art in replacement for the word “dreams.”

The concepts between dreams and aspirations are very similar; however, their definitions slightly differ. Aspirations are much more structured than dreams. Dreams are very ambiguous and less well defined in order to complete their expected goals in an expeditious manner.

As children we are taught to dream big.

“Reach for the stars and you’ll go far!”

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Now I’m not knocking anyone’s dreams. I honestly believe that dreams are a healthy part of our very being. Dreams ignite aspirations.The word aspiration consists of the ingredient passion which is connected to an emotion. Aspirations entail more than a vision. Aspirations are tasks that are loved, carefully planned and executed. It is linked to an activity, cause, or pursuit.

Dreams are more whimsical while maintaining a sense of maturity.

In Greek mythology, dreams were sometimes personified as Oneiros.

Another dream that we are very familiar with is …

The August 28, 1963 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. conveying his iconic “I have a dream” speech at the march on Washington.

 King aspired the plight of African Americans.

He expressed the dream that one day all people may live together in peace and friendship.

The difference with his dream is that he was passionate.

He aspired to fulfill his goal by “any means necessary.”

His movement created inspiration and hope for many.

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Although King’s iconic dream speech has gone down in history, it has yet come to pass.


Which of the two words resonate a more secure, solid and substantial feeling?




Usually when a person hears the word dream, they immediately relate it to some type of sleep function. Dreams are mostly geared towards foggy visual goals becoming true and are more fantastic and surreal. Aspirations are more grounded and realistic. They involve specific plans and commitments in order to achieve them.

I have rarely head the word aspirations when a person is asked what they want to achieve out of life. From my own personal experience, the word goals or dreams are words that are frequently used in a personal setting.

In the world of linguistics and syntax those two words are not completely aligned with the word “aspiration.”

And Yes…

As you may have guessed…

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I am an enlightened free thinking individual who truly, truly, truly appreciates the precious gift of

“free will.”

The words “enlightenment” and “truth” are synonymous in meaning.

The term “accurate knowledge” speaks for itself.

Emmanuel Kant was a philosopher who defined enlightenment as “Mans emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use one’s own understanding without anothers guidance. Individual liberty and religious tolerance in opposition to an absolute monarchy and the power of religious authorities.

Diligence is a passionate component towards obtaining goals.  which must be present or implemented into one’s data base/ composition in order to complete your goal.

According to Oxford Languages,

“Diligent comes from the Latin diligere which means to value highly, take delight in,”

but in English it has always meant careful and hard-working.”


Life perpetually changes, fluctuates, and is known to be fickle. It brings forth very capricious and abrupt circumstances.

This is the reason that I recognize aspirations for being a stronger, firmer, productive mode opposed to a mere dream.

Keep on moving don’t stop no.

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