Crocheting is something that I enjoy doing. Check out this You Tube video on how simplicit, fulfilling,  advantageous, and relaxing it can be. Behold creativity at it’s finest.



It is so nice, that I had to do it twice!!

                                        This is a preview of my handy work:

An infants blanket


My grandson snuggled up in a blanket


A beautiful scarf


My next project is to make a poncho. I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to get the opportunity to start or finish my next creation. But when I do, I will be excited to share it with all of you great, amazingly wonderful folks!!!

                                                               For Now………..

Thats all folks! Looney Tunes                                     However; GOD”S WILL, I’ll see ya real soon!!!


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                                                                  But until then,

                                                   Stay Blessed and Keep Crocheting!

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