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    Let me introduce myself. My name is Pamela Rider. I am an American Black woman that embraces positive development and growth. Currently, I am an upper senior majoring in journalism at York College. My long term goal in this field, is becoming an Anchor person on network television. My short term goal is to obtain as much knowledge and experience in this field in its entirety. There are many categories in the field of journalism. One of my favorites is “community beat reporting.” Uplifting the community and its residents, is something that I take pride in doing.

    I’ve resided in Jamaica Queens all of my life. I have an older brother and sister, and we were raised by our loving parents who were married for fifty-eight years. My mother was a homemaker. My father worked and retired from the garment industry, not to mention an Army Veteran. My siblings and I were raised in the Catholic faith, and attended Catholic school from kindergarten until the eighth grade. We lived a modest life that provided a comfort of all necessities. I can honestly say that I had an excellent childhood that many have not had the pleasure of being engaged in.

    During my early youth, I was introduced to culture. My parents enrolled me into ballet, tap, African, and modern dance classes. I had the privilege to attend plays, operas, and functions that taught children about proper etiquette. I watched my mother pray to God, and praise God. We went to church every Sunday without fail. If my siblings and I didn’t attend church services on Sunday, we were prohibited to engage in any activity of our choice. I watched my mother cook, bake, sew, clean, cultivate, paint, repair, concoct, preserve, and nurture. She did these tasks out of pure willingness and love. My father was just as awesome. He was a fabulous husband, father, and provider.

    As a young adult; still trying to find my way, I decided that I wanted to learn how to design and construct my own clothing. This choice led me to Fashion Industries High School where I was taught fashion design construction, pattern making, merchandising, window dressing, marketing, and illustration. My major was “fashion design construction,” and in 1977 I graduated with a regions diploma. Being young and naive, I thought that I would obtain a fulfilling career which would consist of constructing garments in a livable environment. Much to my surprise, I only saw what I would describe as “sweat shops.” I knew that this was not for me.

    At that point, I had to decide what other career path to embark upon. My decision was to become a criminal defense attorney. I was always taught to abide by and respect the law.  Again, I was young and naive. I really wanted to make a difference to folks that were under privileged and ignored. Not to long after graduating from high school; I applied for, and was accepted at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The scholastic knowledge was very insightful; however to my dismay, I was once again fooled concerning the way of this world.

    I found the judicial system to be cold and calculating, lacking in discipline and morals. Built on lies, can be a better way to describe the construction of the American government. That was, and still remains to be my observance and description of our government and judicial system. I ended up dropping out of college, but wished that I would have stayed just to obtain the degree. I must admit that I did acquire some very good knowledge during my stay.

    During my high school years, I worked the summers for the “summer youth programs.” After graduation I worked in the retail industry at “Alexanders and Ohrbach’s Department stores part time, while attending college full time. I also applied for city, state, and federal jobs through a newspaper named “The Chief.” I started applying for those jobs at the age of sixteen. While working at Ohrbachs department store, the USPS called on me for employment.

    I decided to take the job because of the higher salary; but most importantly, the benefits and security that it provided was great. I must say that as a young woman of twenty-two years of age, the decision that I made was a wise one. For the most part, I enjoyed being a civil service employee. It was time demanding, but the money was fabulous! Due to the time spent, I acquired an extended family that are still close to me and my heart. Time passed fast, and I took an early retirement to tend to my ailing parents. I have no regrets, and would do it again if need be. Family is very important to me, rather it be biological or extended.

    In 1987 I gave birth to my daughter, and have been Blessed with three grandsons and two granddaughters. I am very proud of my personal tribe and very fortunate to say that all is well with our soul. We are all achievers and fighters who have astounding perseverance, and a sense of integrity.  By the Grace of The Almighty Heavenly Father, we will all keep and maintain a positive disposition within ourselves, considering how life is in such turmoil in this day and age. Even though my daughter is grown, I still consider all of them my babies. HALLELUJAH, I PRAISE HIM, I WORSHIP HIM, I THANK HIM FOR HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!


           Let me clear my throat and continue, thank you very much. LOL!  As you have been reading about my journey in life, I’m sure that you have seen many redirects that I have experienced thus far. One thing that I know for certain pertaining to life is…”you kneed thick skin.” Meaning, be strong. Life can be harsh at times, but “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.” Life shows up with the negative and positive. What we all must do, is to make the best out of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I now know that a thick skin is the most valuable tool to obtain and possess. This does not mean that you should be mean, cold, and or callous. I’m speaking about experience, which brings wisdom, and wisdom usually comes with a bit of pain. Wisdom is a production accompanied and obtained by growth. The biggest production on earth is birth. Whew Wee!!! Push through and grow, push through and grow, push through and grow my good people.

    During this time in my life, I am very close to obtaining a BA in journalism. I attend York College in Jamaica New York, and have been a part of this family since 2020, “the year of perfect vision!” I am proud to say that I’ve been on the “Deans List” since 2021. Oh yeah!!! I must admit that it has been quite challenging, and exasperating at times. However, I do believe that the ends truly justify the means. Exasperation brings forth good works, and good works bring forth tranquility and peace for the most part. We must not forget that we live in an unfair, imperfect world. We must keep our eye on the ball and stay focused. Life can become very distracting. This is where your capability of rearranging comes into play. Most folks don’t care for change unless they initiate the change: but like seconds, life’s constant change is inevitable. We must be acceptable to change and handle it accordingly, productively, and as proficient as possible.

    At my age, I am proud to say that I’m still learning new tricks. You know how it’s said that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I’ve also learned that a willingness behavior is a state of mind, not age. Cognitive development must be constantly nurtured and does not end until death.  Cognitive development is nothing more than mental and emotional growth during certain periods in one’s life. Like many of us, I sometimes want to throw my hands up and give up, kill or hurt someone, or just curse someone out. This behavior may feel good at the time, but believe me , it holds no value nor weight. That time spent could have been better spent on your next advantageous move. Time is precious and beholds such value; unfortunately, it is usually taken for granted.

    All I know is that no matter what, we must learn to be more appreciative of the little things. “If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything!”. “Anything that doesn’t grow is dead!” “Stop beating a dead horse!” “The one always comes before the two.”  But zero will always remain the most powerful number, whether it’s negative or positive. It is, and will always be the determinator. I have learned to “take time to stop and smell the roses.” I am now at a new chapter in my life. The prospects are endless, exciting, annoying, fulfilling, pleasing, and nauseating. I am still learning how to embrace the negative plus the positive. One thing is for sure my good people… A “thick skin” is obtained by emotional and mental strength of endurance.





                                                            INCORPORATE HIM.


               I guarantee each and every reader that if you take the above advice, life will be much more understanding, plausible, and tolerable.

    Peace, Love, and Blessings to each and every reader. 








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