Holiday Season


christmas tree GIF

What a lovely beautiful image



Christmas Tree GIF by TescoIreland

Christmas Tree GIF by Peanuts

Christmas In Rockefeller Center GIF by NBCChristmas In Rockefeller Center GIF by NBC

Christmas In Rockefeller Center GIF by NBC

Can you feel the love? Can you feel the vibe? Can you feel the energy?

Text gif. Notebook folded open on a desk with art, photos, hearts, and a disco ball, displays hearts containing the message, "Showing love to the special people in your life can look like, checking in on them, helping people get the healthcare they need, advocating for their rights."

I Love You Flowers GIF by Kelley Bren Burke

Heart Love GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosLoving All The Love GIF by Caroline - The Happy SensitiveHeart Grow GIF by Barbara PozziArt Love GIF by MyxedUp

It feels so good that my mind won’t let go!

Now I’m not trying to put a damper on the vibe or the spirit , but I do wish that this atmosphere would continue all three-hundred sixty -five days of the year.

Hold Yourself Accountable 365 Days GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas RodgersMultiply 365 Days GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers

hold yourself accountable 365 days GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas RodgersI Love You Happy Leap Day GIF by Chippy the Dog Multiply 365 Days GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers

Digital art gif. Dark starry sky explodes with a series of multicolored radial fireworks.Video gif. Fireworks in an array of colors and sizes erupt in random succession.Eid Al Adha Eid GIFDigital art gif. Two women with interlocked arms and raised fists stand together as if in unity. Text above them reads, "No hate in the New Year."

Let commercialism take a back seat to what the holiday season is meant to represent. 


              Victorias Secret Smile GIFTV gif. Young Michelle Tanner on Full House does an over exaggerated kiss on her hand and then sends it off to someone she loves with a wave of her hand. She has a big smile on her face and her eyes sparkle as she sends off her kiss. Video gif. A pair of dark pink lipsticked-lips smooches toward the camera.

Digital art gif. Red rose is floating in the middle of two red hearts that revolve around it. Text, "Love you."


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