Judgement of Vices


According to Oxford Languages, the word vice is defined as a moral fault or weakness in someone’s character. It is also associated with wicked behavior.

The bottom line is that I do believe we all fall short of the Glory of Jehovah. We were all born in sin, and in sin, we shall perish. None of us asked for this. Unfortunately due to the immoral behavior of our forefathers, it is an unwanted trait that we have inherited.

Simply stated…an uncontrolled vice can become downright ugggly ugly!

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Some of you folks who are checking out my feed may be wondering why I have connected an uncontrolled vice with something ugly. Even if you’re not wondering, I’m gonna tell ya’ anyway. LOL!

Yeah, I feel like sharing, and I appreciate your indulging me.

Vices come in all forms shapes and fashions; however, in my opinion, what makes it ugly is a what once was considered a treat has now become a need. In other words, a vice.

Now stay with me guys…

The one always comes before the two

Are you still with me?…


In this order…

1- Always place and keep Jehovah first and foremost in your life. Love Jehovah, Cherish Jehovah, and Praise Jehovah 24/7, 365. Jehovah will provide you with all of our necessities.

2 – Unconditional Love

3 – Nurturing

4 – Water

5 – Food

6 – Shelter

Let’s keep it real, the above-mentioned are true necessities. Anything more is a luxury.  Anything less is a sin, a shame, and a dirty disgrace.

Just a few paragraphs above, I wrote that vices come in all shapes and fashions. I’m going to elaborate just a bit so that you may obtain a clearer picture of exactly what I’m referring to. As you have read, a vice has been described as something detestable and immoral. I suppose that the reason for this is that it pertains to greed, lust,  pride, and envy.

A vice can be food or a particular food. It can be a drug, a personality trait, control, money, passion, structural obsessions, sex, gambling, drinking, dishonesty, laziness, and arrogance. “Vices are behaviors that have a short-term pleasure but come with a long-term cost,” said Terrence Reed of Quora.

I have come to the conclusion that whatever vice we embrace, we must do it in moderation. I have also concluded that vices are a part of everyone’s life. I have also come to the conclusion that for every vice that is expunged, another one takes its place. As humans living in this “system of things,” we deem to lean on something more than what we need. Nor do I agree with the notion that all vices are negative. The use of a vice determines its energy.

I suppose that it’s only human nature, for we are only human.

                        Always craving and desiring more than what we need.

We all have vices.

It is true, that some vices are worse than others.


We must Always remember that We All Fall Short of the Glory of Jehovah.

Let us do our best to remember our own transgressions.




We can’t live with them

Can’t live without them


Be Careful

Be Conscientious

Be Cautious


Use your vice

Do not allow it to use you

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